"I remember sitting at the intersection of 150 & 130 on a Midwestern winter night. Not much to look at but barren, frosted-over fields as far as the eye cared to look. The heater never really worked and the only thing that seemed to keep me and my dad warm was the radiant orange glow emitting from the radio display of an 88' Toyota Tercel (hatchback). The dial mechanically and faithfully set to an independent local station (the WHIP); playing songs I thought for certain only me, my dad, and the man in the radio had ever heard. It's there that my burning appetite for music began, and where I'm always driving back to."

Rory Book

Not far from that intersection I have been fortunate enough to find some of the finest musicians around - Chad Honeycutt & Paul Frieh. Although we have enlisted the services of some other incredibly talented musicians on record, we are historically a three piece. We are Rory Book & the Volumes and we hope you enjoy the western, blues, jazz, and rock n' roll sounds you hear all mangled up into something starkly unique.